Quick and Smooth Mobile App Launch
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We care about the success of your startup idea, that's why we build a technological process around it that ensures the fastest possible MVP, yet easily extendable.
All technical, architectural, infrastructural solutions are made with a focus on what's next, not IF your project becomes successful, but WHEN it becomes successful.
Your Idea
The Result
What you get is a state-of-art engineered mobile app that will become a spearhead of your business, attractive, functional and reliable. Yet easily extendable.
Our technological processes deliver no trade-off solutions, that allow your startup to stand out right away, since we are experts in:
Cross-platform Flutter SDK
Secure and complete serverless backend
The Automated building process allows you at any time obtain the current version of your app to check how it looks and works
Tests cover the most important functionality and are launched automatically with each build.
Increases productivity by integration building and testing, providing realtime build and test reports.
The Automated building process allows you at any time obtain the current version of your app to check how it looks and works. Automated testing helps to prevent errors and reduces testing time.
Real data user data synchronization, handling slow internet connection for serving user generated content.
Secured connection, isolated logic, managing database security rules to specify who has access to what pieces of data.
Serverless backend
Secure and complete backend with authentication, storage, database, messaging and analytics and without the need to provision, tune, upgrade servers and scale them to meet your user needs.

Leveraging cross-platform Flutter SDK helps us drastically speed up development as a single code base is used for Android and iOS providing native user experience for both platforms.

Rich set of fully customizable widgets that are rendered superfast with Stateful Hot Reload.
Widgets incorporate all critical platform differences such as scrolling, navigation, icons and fonts.
Safe operational and devlopment costs due to mobile app single code base and serveless backend.

We focus on your startup growth - from your initial idea to a project your end users are happy with. To achieve it, we provide excellent:

Iterative software development backed by continious Quality Assurance.
Minimum infrastructure. Maximum automation.
Seemless feature adoption approved by continously running end user experiments.
Our Technological processes, Skills and Experience allow us to launch products quickly and efficiently.
Altogether fused into a beautifully designed single app, where Gladdy acts like your personal, emotional health assistant, that enjoys your achievements and gives you a hand when you are in need to.
Gladdy - is an efficient tool for your mental well-being, it combines carefully tailored mental health approaches and practices: passcode protected diary, mood tracker, mental practices.
Totalfit is the first fitness app that leads you to optimal health by training your body, mind and spirit. Our brand new training system will help you to save time and money through high-quality workouts anywhere and at any time.

At home, outside, in the park or at the gym, track your progress through measurements in six spheres of human nature. Improve your fitness level, reduce stress and implement healthy habits every single day.
Artem Voronin
Marketing Director of Gladdy
Open-minded, passionate, creative, confident, striving for technical excellence team - that's all about KiRN Tech, and they always try to get along with the business perspectives. I am impressed by the architecture and coding quality the team delivered. That really helps us to move faster.
Ilya Orechov
Program Director of Totalfit
For us KiRN Tech isn't simply an outsource contractor, but a part of our Totalfit product team. The KiRN Tech team has proven to be professional, dedicated, flexible and the technologies they use made the whole project more cost-effective.
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Quick and Smooth Mobile App Launch
For Your Startup.
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